A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition, Leonard Thompson (author), Lynn Berat (editor), Yale University Press, 2014

A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition represents Bantu and Khoisan with disturbing ignorance and indifference. Like Giliomee and Mbega, Thompson portrays Bantu as if they have always existed in the current ‘tribal’ designations, when in fact the latter are relatively new creations by the colonialists. Amongst many deficiencies, he also fails, like Landau, to specifically acknowledge the obvious, that Bantu had actually migrated south into the region over time; and instead, only makes reference to the fact that “culturally and physically they resembled the people living as far north as the equator”. Despite it being the latest title in the subject, A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition fails dismally to take the narration of South African history to the next level.

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